The Research Center for Global Environment and Welfare (GEW) is an interdisciplinary research center dealing with  a wide range of glocal (global and local) issues such as environment, poverty, and peace.


In the 21 century world, global issues relating to the environment, poverty, and conflict are piling up, while advanced countries enjoy their own prosperity.To help deal with these issues, Chiba University has been promoting interdisciplinary research focusing on public good and creating a network consisting of front-line researchers from Japan and overseas.
With those achievements and background, GEW was established in April 2010 as an interdisciplinary research center with comprehensive knowledge from industry,  academia, and  the  citizenry.

To deal with these issues  of global environmental welfare and poverty, GEW has the following original goals:

  •  To integrate  comprehensive knowledge through collaboration with researchers, companies, public offices, and citizens in NPOs or NGOs.
  • To help solve problems including environment degradation, poverty, and conflict by promoting interdisciplinary research which combines politics, economics, business, sociology, and public philosophy.


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